You have presented such an impossible situation

You probably aren’t getting any answers because you have presented such an impossible situation.

You say you and your husband have a combined income of $2,000 per month. That’s minimum wage or below if you are working full time… and surely you must be working full time if you may get a bonus and your husband sometimes gets overtime..

How could you still be making minimum wage if you are old enough to be married?

How could you have qualified for a mortgage if you make so little?

How could you have convinced anyone to loan you any money at all, much less $64,000?

Perhaps others suspect, as I do, that you are playing games.

If you are for real, then more details might prompt more attention to your problem.

The tone was not to be mean, but realistic.

The purpose of the group is to help each other, and wasting time and energy on the wrong problem helps no one.

In fact, it hurts others. It takes away from such problems, for example, as the one being experienced by the member who, with only her own salary, now faces her husband’s life-threatening surgery, large medical bills, and other bills that were taken on when the household had her husband’s income.

Only after other members spend time and energy worring about how to help her, and he spends her time (a considerable amount, I’d guess) writing a long and very thoughtful message about the wrong problem, does she reveal that her entire debt will be wiped out by a large payment she expects in two months.