Arbitration question


Has anyone been through the arbitration process with a creditor? I am about to embark on this endeavor with MBNA. My acct was transferred to NCO after I filed a complaint with the National Bankers Commerce Regulators. Now they are trying to of course collect an erroneous amount through arbitration.

I am going to request a hearing. Because I have all the documentation of a settlement agreement they offered me prior to assigning it over to NCO.

Just any FYI’s or experiences will do. Thank you..

Our intentions can be misunderstood

I think at this point we all recognize that our intentions can be misunderstood, whether we are the one posting a question or the one attempting to assist with a solution/response. Perhaps we can all learn from what occurred recently. Having said that, let’s move on. I’ve been part of the email group for a couple of months now, and for the most part I think we can agree that it’s a helpful and respectful environment.

If anyone directly involved in the recent “conflict” wants to further address the issue, please feel free to contact one another offline if that’s what you wish. Meantime, speaking for myself, I’m hoping we can move on.

I am not sure what has happened in the past

I am not sure what has happened in the past that has made you feel the way that you do. If you would take the time to read the intro to the group you would understand that Deb has not set any specific parameters as to who qualifies to ask questions and who deserves the groups help. Maybe you should take a moment and do just that.

Deb has indicated in the group intro that this community is dedicated to providing you with no nonsense guidance to get out of debt. Offering advice and information regarding debt relief including reviews of commonly used products to help you get out of debt.

Chat with others in your same situation, get tips on saving money, living within your budget, and getting out of debt.

Remove financial stress from your personal relationships and enjoy life.

I asked a question about paying my creditors using the allotment worksheet as outlined by Dave Ramsey. I feel like you blasted me for not giving enough info and that you felt like I was playing games.

You may feel like it’s wasting time and energy but I joined the group, asked for help and received it. End of story. As another poster wrote, we all face different situations and what may seem overwhelming to one may seem trivial to another. I am sorry that my issues don’t meet your standards of overwhelming.

Deb has been gracious and generous with her thoughts as have others on this board. My problems may not seem as critical as the person dealing with the medical issues but they are real and I have to face them each and every day.

Yes I am expecting a large payment. From a divorce that was finalized in 2007. The legal action accelerated in 2013 but as of today, it is still not resolved. My hope is that it will be resolved within two months but if that doesn’t happen I wanted to know how to handle my creditors.

I still have to answer the phone and I still need to make informed decisions.

If you aren’t wanting to chat with others in your same situation, get tips on saving money, living within your budget, and getting out of debt then don’t blame me for wanting to do that. I’ve gotten some great thoughts from people and will contribute when and where I can if I feel like my thoughts might encourage someone.

Like I said, I had some questions because up until recently we’ve kept our heads above water but it won’t last much longer. I am only assuming my legal action will be settled as that is what the attorney assures me but, that’s nothing set in stone. Only an anticipation of when it should settle.

What’s your situation CJ? If you haven’t been where I have then let others who have post in peace. Let them decide for themselves if they are mad or if they wasted their time. I certainly am appreciative for the thoughts and positive posts and already have had some relief of stress as I am able to make some decisions about where to go from here.

Anyway – I apologize to the group at large if I’ve offended anyone. I really do appreciate the feedback and clarification that I’ve received. I don’t know it all but am learning and you’ve helped.

You are the one who is trying to deal with your husbands surgery

I assume you are the one who is trying to deal with your husbands surgery. The first letter dripped of hatred and resentment, but now I see you are mad at but your problem. Ask the community, I haven’t seen you ask or explain it yet so how can we help you?

Plus we have all been in a situation that feels so very overwhelming, an outside prospective helps to put it into a manageable problem we can slove. I can’t help with the medical bill questions but someone out there can…