Anyone had any luck in working w/ your creditors?

I would like to contact each creditor and send each creditor an equal amount and an allotment sheet showing that I am not favoring one creditor over another. Anyone have any luck doing this on your own? I would like to try to do this on my own but wondered if anyone had any experience in that.

A few days ago i was told:

you can’t do it this way… You owe different companies different amounts and each one has to get a percentage comparable with what you owe each company to a total you can afford. Telling them all the percentage break down and what you can afford to give will be acceptable as long as you show clearly how you have calculated your finances to arrive at the amount left to pay the debtors. Yes you can do this on your own…. by the way did you receive my other e-mails as I have not heard anything from you…

Is that correct?