You have never broken the habits that got you into financial trouble

I don’t want to seem rude but it appears you have never broken the habits that got you into financial trouble in the 1st place. Using credit cards to pay your loan (which is basically legalized loan sharking but I digress) is not going to help you solve any problems at all. Here are some suggestions just based on the info you supplied:

  1. You don’t say where you currently live but $504/month for a mobile home and lot rent is very high for the area where I live (Southeast) so I would check into relocating.
  2. Is it possible to trade down for a cheaper car?
  3. $44 for school lunches? Is that per week? Start having her brown bag it.
  4. Are there other options for phone service? Cut out all the extras: 3 way calling, caller ID, message service, etc.
  5. Raise your car insurance deductible from $100; even if you can increase it to $500 you would get a lower rate.
  6. I know the old adage “Never loan money to family and friends” but if you have a family member who is in a position to help I would ask them for a loan. Offer to pay a low interest rate and set up a monthly payment schedule; have it notarized if that makes them feel better. Then pay off ALL your CCs and loan sharks, cut up your credit cards, and start over with 1 payment to your family member.

There really is no way to “move fast” with financial problems. I highly recommend the tried and true “Write down every cent you spend for a month” method, you’ll be surprised at what turns up. Hope this helps and good luck.